The Best Flower Arranging Tips

Professional flower arrangements look stunning, but with a little care and perseverance, they’re possible to recreate at home. In this video, a trained florist gives top tips for picking and arranging flowers for the best effect. Varying textures, choosing complimentary colors, and keeping groupings simple are all ideas that can lead to truly effective flower arrangements.

The first step for most home flower arrangements is to make sure vases are only half filled with water. Over-filled containers can spill and also cause too much of the plant to become wet and prone to mold.

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It’s also important to cut any leaves off that go below this water line, which also helps prevent bacteria and bad odors.

Flower food is nice to have but not essential. Changing the water daily will have a more beneficial effect than adding food to water that stays in the container for a week. Cut stems at an angle to prolong the life of flowers.

Start with shorter stems first. Place these in the container, resting on the lip of the vase. Behind these, place taller blooms, and put the tallest right in the center. This creates a florist-style arrangement where every blossom is visible, and all the colors and textures get a chance to shine through.


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