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A Timeless Wedding Checklist during the Pandemic

Not even the pandemic can stop couples from getting married. And not even the Covid-19 pandemic should stop couples from wanting a timeless wedding that will never go out of style. Since everything is changing around us, why don’t we stick to the traditions when we celebrate important occasions and milestones? In the pre-pandemic world, couples will probably have a large party to gather friends and family. But since this isn’t practical or safe right now, a small intimate wedding is what’s going to work.

So here’s what you need to know about timeless and classic weddings (even amid a pandemic): the dress, the ring, and the venue. Forget about beach and destination weddings since these are harder to organize during this time. Stick to the basics of what makes weddings classic: indoor hotel ballrooms or private rooms in fine dine-in restaurants.

The Ring

If there’s one thing that you will take with you from your wedding, it is your ring. You should choose a classic wedding band because this will stand the test of time. Hopefully, your future husband already picked a classic micro pave halo engagement ring because that will look great with a simple wedding band with small studs. You don’t have to go all-in with your wedding bands because they’re supposed to be classy and elegant.

Large stones on the wedding bands never did look classy. Somehow, those large diamonds are reserved for the engagement rings while they look gaudy in a wedding band. Stick to timeless designs. You can work out a design with your jeweler.

Because of the pandemic, it might not be easy for you to meet with your jeweler in person. Make sure that you explicitly explain how you like the ring to look like. You can visit the jeweler to get your size taken before cutting the metal and stone.

The Dress

What’s the perfect silhouette for you? It is easy to get swept up by the trends in wedding dresses. But if you want your wedding to be timeless, you have to stick to what’s classic: a white dress in tulle garment and a soft chiffon veil. Other brides want to stand out, so they use a different color for their gowns. While there is no hard-and-fast rule for the gown you want, it’s hard for a hot pink dress to look timeless.

Along with your dress is the wedding bouquet. Here, you can be a bit experimental. Though nothing beats the timelessness of an all-white bouquet, you can go with a different hue such as pastel pink peonies or deep-red roses. When choosing the bouquet, pick a flower that you love looking at. The bouquet is a reflection of your personality.

Go with classic white or silver stilettos for your shoes, too. It’s tempting to wear your trusty Chucks as many brides did, but if you want your photos to be classic, you have to make your feet suffer in stilettos. Break in your shoes months before your wedding.

It is particularly hard to fit the wedding dress when people are practicing social distancing. You should probably schedule a private session with your seamstress. You should also make sure to wear a mask when fitting in the gown.

The Venue

wedding venue

You can transform any venue into a classic wedding party as long as you know how to work with colors. The most timeless reception venues are hotel ballrooms, but you can still go out of the box and have a garden wedding. It still has the characteristics of a wedding that will never go out of style.

The classic wedding colors are neutral and tone-on-tone palettes such as soft whites, nudes, grays, blues, and soft gold. The best thing about these color tones is you can combine them with textures and florals in a way that won’t look like they’re over-the-top. Stick to neutral and earth-toned colors when you are picking the palettes for your wedding.

So, what should you avoid if you’re planning the colors for your venue design? Try to steer clear of those trendy Pinterest ideas. Though they look great now, they won’t retain the elegance and timelessness as classic designs will.

Visit the venue before booking it for the event. You don’t need a big place since you might need to cut down your number of guests. A venue that can accommodate 20 to 30 people is enough for your pandemic wedding. When visiting venues with your wedding planner, make sure to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

There is nothing normal about the world right now. Still, that’s not a reason for you not to have the best time marrying the love of your life. You can still have that classic wedding you’ve always wanted as long as you are mindful of the health protocols.

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