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Seven Ways to Celebrate Your Pet’s Memory

Taking time to remember a beloved pet isn’t just a way to honor their life; it’s a gift for you too. The loss of a pet can leave you feeling empty and alone, but holding on to the wonderful memories can help soothe your heartache.

What better way to celebrate the life of your furry friend than by turning those fond memories into lasting keepsakes? Collecting all the moments that made them uniquely “theirs” is one of the best ways to create a warm tribute that will bring you joy for years to come.

There are many ways you can cherish your pet’s memory, from jewelry and photography sessions with stuffed animals (or real pets) to holidays and even crafts! Here are some ideas:

1. Create a Memory Stone

A memory stone is a personalized way to unite your thoughts and feelings with messages from friends and family. If you’re not the artsy type, just grab a few of your favorite photos from when your pet was still around—many print-and-build websites have premade templates that allow you to upload pictures and personalize with messages.

2. Make a Memory Book

Whether you’re the crafty type or not, there’s no reason you can’t whip up your own little memory book. Use any of your favorite photos as cover pages and decorate with colorful borders; then, all you need to do is fill it with some photos, personal stories, and other mementos (like pet hair!).

Don’t worry about perfect handwriting either—just ask friends and family to contribute sweet sentiments on the following pages. If you want something really special, find out if anyone has ever hand-written their feelings for an animal they’ve lost before. You could offer them some space in your book as a way of honoring their loss.

3. Get Your Pet Preserved

One of the most thoughtful ways to honor your pet’s memory is taxidermy. Usually, after an animal dies, the body is immediately buried or cremated. This method gives you the chance to have a physical reminder of your pet that will always be safe and sound on your wall!

4. Start a Memorial Collection

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Have trouble thinking of what to do when you think of your furry friend? Then start collecting his or her things! This could be anything from the cutest toys, squeakiest balls, and favorite treats to even swabs of saliva. Think about all the fun times you had together every time you grabbed something in remembrance.

5. Celebrate the Seasons

Don’t let your pet’s memory fade into the background! Find creative ways to pay tribute every month by celebrating a holiday in honor of their life. For example, if you had a dog who loved going for walks, make a big deal about National Dog Walking Month. Then do something silly like dress up as your pets and take silly pictures or watch all of their favorite films to celebrate International Cat Day in August.

6. Keep Them In Your Heart All Year Long

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your memories alive all year long, simply visit any one of these websites that have been created in honor of our beloved four-legged friends. Each site keeps track of all the pets who have lost their lives throughout the year, so no one can ever be forgotten.

7. Go With The Flow

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy. You could just take a few minutes to sit down and write about your feelings, do a little digital scrapbooking, or even talk calmly with a friend about what you’re going through. The most important thing is letting yourself feel the pain so that the wound can heal properly—make sure you respect your own feelings!

Remember: Remembering your pet means doing whatever makes you happy on the days when it’s difficult to go on without them here. You can always turn to your friends and family for support—and if you don’t have any pets, find out where all of your local animal shelters are and see if you can volunteer.

Pets hold a special place in our hearts, and when they pass away, it’s important t find ways to honor their memory. No matter what you do, be sure to cherish the time you had with your furry friend. From creating a personalized Memory Stone that unites thoughts and feelings from friends and family or making an adorable Memory Book of favorite memories together- there are many ways we can celebrate the life of our pet, so they’re never forgotten.


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