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How to Disaster-Proof Your Wedding

Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life. Many young girls and boys dream of the moment they will finally marry the person of their dreams. But what if your dream day turns into a complete nightmare?

In every event, some things are bound to go wrong no matter how well you plan. What if the weather doesn’t cooperate? What if your dream venue is double-booked? But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are some tips on how to make your wedding disaster-proof.

Have a Plan B (and C and D)

No wedding is truly perfect. That’s why it’s important to have a backup plan—or two, or three. If you’re worried about the weather, choose a wedding venue that has both indoor and outdoor space. If it does rain, you can still have your ceremony or reception outside.

If you plan on marrying outdoors, you can also have a tent as a backup in bad weather. However, be sure that the tent is big enough to accommodate all your guests. You don’t want anyone to be left out in the rain!

You can also choose to have your ceremony at one location and your reception at another. This way, if there’s a problem with the first venue, you can always move to the second one.

It’s also important to have a backup plan for your vendors. What if your photographer cancels last minute? What if the food runs out? Make sure you have a list of vendors you can contact in an emergency.

Communicate with Your Vendors

Your vendors are your partners in making your wedding day perfect. So it’s important to communicate with them throughout the planning process. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any concerns or questions.

For instance, if the weather forecast for your wedding day is looking a little dicey, talk to your photographer and see if they have any tips on how to deal with it. If more guests show up than planned, talk to your catering company to see if they can accommodate the extra people.

Through open communication, you can avoid a lot of wedding day disasters.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

As the bride or groom, you shouldn’t have to worry about everything on your wedding day. That’s what your wedding party and vendors are for. So delegate, delegate, delegate.

Your bridesmaids can help with last-minute touch-ups or keeping track of your belongings. Your groomsmen can help with setting up or tearing down decorations. And your vendors can help with, well, just about everything else.

The key is to delegate tasks to people who you trust. Things are less likely to go wrong if more people work together towards a common goal.

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Have an Emergency Kit

Every bride should have an emergency kit on her wedding day.

Your emergency kit doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just make sure it has all the essentials.

Consider packing Band-Aids, sewing kits, a first-aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray, sunhat, bottled water, granola bars, an extra set of underwear, comfortable shoes, chocolate bars and emergency phone numbers. Your emergency kit should be within reach at all times. You can ask a family member or one of your bridesmaids to carry it for you.

And don’t forget to pack it ahead of time!

Prepare Your Guests

If you’re worried about your guests not being able to find the venue or not knowing where to park, send them detailed instructions in the invitations and on your wedding website. You can even include maps and directions. And if you’re worried about them getting lost during the ceremony or reception, assign someone to be their “guide” for the day—someone who can show them around and make sure they know where they need to be and when they need to be there.

Your guests should also be aware of your backup plans. In case it rains, for example, tell them where you will move the ceremony and the reception. You can use event planning software, which will enable you to send real-time updates and changes to your guests.

If you prepare your guests for potential disasters, they’ll be less likely to be caught off guard—and more likely to have a good time. After all, the success of any event is measured by how much fun the guests have.

However, the best way to make a wedding disaster-proof is to be flexible and enjoy every moment. Stressing over things beyond your control will only ruin your day. It will also prevent you from coming up with a creative solution to a problem. So take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your big day. Disaster or not, it will be one to remember!

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