Here’s How You Can Transform Your Home into a Turkish Palace

Apart from being a haven for Turkish Delight, the vibrant city of Istanbul is also known for its rich history, stunning scenery and structures, and tantalizing textiles. Many travelers who have set foot on the Old City have dreamed of turning their own homes into a miniature version of the Topkapi Palace or incorporating the colorful murals of the Beyoglu District into their walls. And it’s not hard to see why.

With its many cultural influences, Istanbul truly provides an endless source of inspiration for interior designers across the world. If you’re among the many who want to add a Turkish flair to the place you call home, allow us to give you a head start.

Iznik Tiles

Want to add an instant wow factor that will set your interior apart from the neighborhood? Iznik tiles are the answer. Especially if you stick to the delicate floral designs and classic blue and turquoise colors, your tiles will instantly give your home a Turkish appeal.

However, hand-painted Iznik tiles lean on the expensive side. If you have no time to source authentic pieces and carry out a significant home renovation, you can easily find tile decals on the local market.

Iznik Tiles

Oushak Carpets

Your first order of business should be to fill your floors with rugs. It doesn’t matter if you prefer vintage Oushak carpets or modern floor rugs. The best part about Istanbul-inspired interior design is that it allows classical motifs and contemporary styles to coexist. You can also use these rugs as tapestries on walls.

Turkish Lamps

Adding lighting fixtures elaborate in mosaic not only brightens up your space but also adds a Turkish-inspired bohemian touch to it. Istanbul is considered as the country’s center of glassmaking, an Ottoman art that has become a crucial part of Turkish tradition.

Travelers who visit the city are encouraged to join local lamp workshops, where participants are taught the centuries-old art of making hand-cut colored glass. For this aspect, you can have Turkish chandeliers, mosaic glass lamps, or bohemian ceiling lamps.

Copper Accents

Copper accents are the perfect way to future-proof your home. If you’re into Istanbul-inspired style now but also eyeing a design modification down the road, you won’t have to keep your copper fixtures in the attic as they are timeless ornaments that transcend generations. By merely displaying ibrik sets in the living room, keeping coffee pots or tea sets for the kitchen, and adding copper spa bowls in the bathroom, you’ll be transported back to Istanbul without leaving your home.

Ceramic Knobs

For the finishing touches, focus on personalizing your drawer handles and doorknobs by adding ceramic knobs. Stick to the Turkish blue colors and geometric or floral designs, and you can quickly transform your plain kitchen drawer into a sophisticated piece of furniture.

Adding a splash of Ottoman influence into your home is easy if you know where to buy home decors. While traveling to Istanbul is always the best option (nothing beats the traveling and shopping combo, right?), there are a plethora of online shops that offer authentic Turkish home decors at prices that won’t break your bank account.

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