How to be a Stylish Wedding Guest during the Pandemic

Out of the best events to attend in life, weddings should top the list. All the drinking and partying that mark such a blissful union is bound to make you long for more. But that was before the virus hits the nations. Today, you could think twice when you’re invited to a wedding. To be one of the few guests to witness the official union of two people in love, you’re bound to have worries and pause. Why? As much as you want to, the reality is going to hit you hard.

The risks cannot be denied: the virus can spread faster when people gather. It’s easy to forget these things when you’re in celebration mode. However, not too long ago, a super spreader event that led to 37 COVID-19 cases transpired during a sweet-16 birthday bash in a swanky New York City hotel. And that’s just for starters.

Luckily, you need not decline the invitation if safety is your concern. There are ways you can manage the virus risk and not be infected. Moreover, you need not be afraid of being castigated if you decide not to be present. Here’s how to do it right.

It Pays to Be Nosy

We need not remind you how heavy a toll America has paid since the first infected person arrived on the continent. Indeed, it’s not to be trifled with. To date, there are over 31 million Americans who have been infected. And that number is rising by the day.

Thus, leaving an event to chance should be the last thing on your mind. Your wedding invite, as much as you know it would be fabulous, needs to pass through some scrutiny. This simply means you have to gather the needed information. And in the process, be nosy.

Ask for details, a lot of details to be exact. Thankfully, by this time weddings have adjusted to the demands of the times. Not only do wannabe couples don masks during the official ceremony, but chances are also everyone in the reception covers their mouth with virus protection. Even better, social distancing and crowd limits are applied, more often than not.

Then again, you can’t assume things. So scout ahead. Check the couple’s website (if they have one) or official communication. And if things are not clear, give the wedding coordinator a call. It’s simple actually if you decide to come, you deserve to know.

Your Best Foot Forward

However, here’s a note. A pandemic wedding is no excuse for you to be drab and dress poorly. Put your best foot forward. At least, go semi-formal. A cocktail dress should be best for women and a dark suit for men. You can rent if you’re short of ideas.

And if you’re running out of time, a visit to a tried-and-tested laundromat should get your wear in its best form. Remember the rule of the game: never upstage the wedding couple in style so aiming for semi-formal wear is best.

Keep Distance

There’s always a choice. To do this, assess any situation during the wedding reception. If things go out of hand and guests come dangerously close, you can always choose not to participate. Instead, sit from a distance. It’s better safe than sorry.

The trick of the game is to politely decline. You need to consider your safety first and foremost. However, if you feel things are going out of hand, you can leave. Or you can ask a friend to pick you up. It’s a hard decision but if your boundaries are not being respected, it’s worth the trouble.

Then again, as you’re with people you know, excusing yourself should not be an issue.

Additionally, you can skip danger altogether. Suggest to the couple to have their wedding broadcast via Zoom. Many have done livestreamed weddings with a lot of fanfare. You can even help them set things up.

Decline Politely

If you feel you are not really sure and you think it’s not safe, then you should decline the event altogether. There’s no handbook saying guests can’t do it. Just do it politely.

Indeed, you should not be feeling down about it all. There is no shame in having to tell a couple you can’t be in their planned event. As the pandemic rages on, couples are well aware that cancellations are to be expected now more than ever.

Being invited to a wedding is an honor. And yet, your safety and health are priority number one. So, make sure you give them a call and let them know you can’t come. Don’t fret. That, of course, doesn’t mean your gift for the couple is canceled.

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