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How to Diversify Your Fashion

Creativity is everywhere. We hear music, we see art, and we read stories. Inspiration can be found in every nook and cranny. Everyday life and everyday experiences show us that living is a creative act.

So what does it mean if you are in a creative rut? A creative rut is when you can’t seem to express yourself effectively. The ideas in your head are stuck, and they can’t seem to find their way out. What is there to do? ;

Expressing oneself through fashion is a popular way of showcasing one’s style and creativity. To keep up with personal standards of being stylish daily, one should have a stash of creative inspiration at hand. One could have a lifestyle Afro-magazine subscription to get a regular dose of inspiration for one’s home and fashion. One could look online for Instagram posts of influencers. One could also choose to observe people walking down the street, seeing their personalities shine through their outfits.

A creative rut can leave you bored and frustrated. So what else can you do to avoid this?

What is creativity?

Creativity is defined as the creation and generation of ideas or possibilities that can be useful in solving problems or in communication.

Creativity is often linked with artistic pursuits such as painting, music, writing, and fashion. Having creativity or being a creative person in these fields yields productive and often-surprising results. These results usually result in awe and admiration by the audience. What happens if your source of creativity has been depleted? How can one replenish?

Finding Creative Inspiration

Where do creative ideas come from? Ideas sometimes come from unusual places. If you are in a fashion rut, you might want to consider looking the other direction for inspiration. This could mean looking at styles of architecture for different textures and lines, or even music for flow and rhythm that could inspire your outfits.

Given this idea, it is important to diversify your fashion. In other words, one needs to find inspiration from a wide range of sources. One cannot stick to one field alone. All interests and pursuits are interconnected. Being creative means having the ability to find this connection.

Fashion and Everyday Life

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Fashion and style are interwoven in our everyday life. We cannot simply escape it. When one is engrossed in the field of fashion, one can only try to overcome the challenges of a style rut.

Expressing personal style is a matter of taste. This means that there is a multitude of ways to express one’s style when one is in a fashion rut. In line with this, the question to be asked is: how can you upgrade your style effectively when you are in a rut?

Style Upgrade

When women were asked where they get style inspiration from, a diverse range of answers was received. Some get their inspiration from street life and street art. Some get inspiration from the act of taking fashion risks. While there are also some who get inspired by tropical references and African-inspired colors. These are all great sources of inspiration but what are ways you can apply to your style and taste? Here are practical fashion tips to follow to avoid getting into a style rut.

Make the most out of a single outfit. Don’t buy an outfit just for one night only. Stretch your money and choose something you can mix and match with other items you already have in your closet. This will be both eco-friendly and financially-sustainable in the long run. The earth and your wallet will thank you.

For you to keep looking stylish all year round, get rid of clothes that don’t fit you well anymore. Finding the right fit is key to looking put together and glamorous all day every day.

Speaking of sustainability, you should consider clothes swapping. Again, this is both friendly to your budget and good for the environment. If you have friends who are also into fashion and looking stylish, clothes swapping will be a win-win situation for all of you!

These are some ways on how you can avoid getting into the black hole of a style rut. Staying creative, especially during the oh-so-dull quarantine period, can be a bit difficult for some. It is important for us to find ways to be creative especially during this time so that we can let go of our worries and stresses during this crisis. Fashion is one easy outlet that we can simply practice every day even when at home but creativity knows no bounds. You can practice honing your creativity in whatever pursuit you may choose.

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