Keeping Yourself Cool During Summer

Summer typically calls to mind images of the sun, surf, and sand. While this may be an appealing image to a lot of people, overexposure to sunlight can cause skin damage and even skin cancer. Additionally, if the weather is too hot, you might end up getting heatstroke and heat exhaustion.

Due to this, it’s still important to keep yourself cool once summer sun shines brightly in the sky. Here are some tips you can use to keep yourself cool during the summer.

Block the Heat

The first thing to do is to stop the heat from getting into your house. Aside from keeping the house cool, this also helps you save on cooling bills. You can use awnings or blinds to cover the windows from the outside. Deciduous trees are also great for casting shade on your house during summer.

You can also install window tinting and replace the fleece or wool drapes with thinner curtains for your windows. Make sure to close the curtains to block off sunlight and keep the house cool. If your house is cool, your air conditioner won’t have to work hard to keep maintain the temperature.

Use Portable Fans

If the air conditioner starts to act up, portable fans are always good to have in the house. While they may not be as cold as your air conditioner, portable fans can create a wind-chill effect from the breeze coming from them.

You can also let the fans blow air in front of a bowl of ice. It is a simple yet effective way of creating a cool blast of air. Moreover, a fan doesn’t use up as much electricity as an air conditioner. So, it’s also a good way for you to save on electricity bills.

Hang out in the Evenings

Even as summer days are hot and sometimes humid, summer evenings are a different story. When the sun sets over the horizon, you can expect the temperature to go down. So, you may want to let the cool air come in just before you sleep.

You can also hang out in the backyard and have dinner under the moonlight. In addition to being romantic, it’s also a good way for you to cool down after a hot summer day.


Use Light Bedding

It’ll be challenging to get a good night’s rest if the summer evening is humid and your air conditioner is out. You’ll end up tossing and turning just to find the most comfortable sleeping position.

To minimize this, you should use light blankets made of cotton instead of thick wool blankets. You can also put the comforter in the closet since you’re not going to need it. A cooling comforter is also a good idea since it can keep you cozy without trapping heat under it.

Avoid Using the Stove

When the temperature inside the house is high, it’s not advisable to use an oven or stove for cooking. Using these appliances can only increase the temperature inside the house. They can also increase humidity and cause condensation and moisture buildup. Excess moisture can lead to bacterial growth causing allergies and illnesses.

To avoid this, you can opt to serve light meals during summer. A salad, sandwich, and fruits allow you to avoid using a stove or oven. It also gives you a good reason to start eating healthy. You can also have a barbecue in your backyard and invite some friends for the weekend. It is summer after all, and it’s a great time to have a small get-together with family and friends.

Summer may be a great time to spend a weekend at the beach. It’s also a time when you would have to deal with the heat that comes along with the season. But following the tips above will allow you to breeze through summer and enjoy it until it lasts.

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