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Getting Your Home Ready for the Coming Spring

Spring is a favorite for most people. You may be one of them, too. Now, you can get over that chilly feeling and start preparing for spring. Sometimes, this seems to be an impossible Herculean task, with all the cleaning and hassles. But once you accomplish the job, you will be thriving in the cozier and most comfortable setting.

Know some spring activities. Note that you can handle some yourself, while you might need professional help for other, more complex ones.

Check Windows

If you have kept your windows shut all this while, it is time for a change. The moment you open the window and let in the sun rays, you instantly uplift your home’s aura. With the heater running in full swing, most of you might have been cooped up. You also need to nip the shrubs that have reached your window.

Once shrubs are taken care of, it’s time to get your curtains cleaned. You probably have thick and heavy ones hanging. Such blinds attract the most dirt in the folds. Pet dander, pollen, and microscopic fungi are also a part of the dirt particles we are talking about. Hence, you should take them off and send them to the laundry. If you feel it is too early to give them for a wash, you can vacuum them for the time being. It is easy and will not take much time.

Wash Furniture Coverings

You must be having thick fabric coverings on your mattress to insulate it. Upholstery maintenance is an essential facet of your spring cleaning tasks. You can use your vacuum with the required setting to clean all the dry particles. If you find any stains on your mattress, you can wipe them with a brush and some soapy water.

Moreover, you should spray some disinfectant. However, instead of going through all the hassles, it’s best to leave all the work to upholstery cleaning experts. They’ll be more efficient than you, and you’ll end up saving valuable time and money.

You should re-dress the fabric covering after cleaning the mattress. The mattress cover may need more professional care, and in that case, you should call the laundry cleaners. Likewise, you ought to pay attention to other furniture covers as well.

You might want to dress your bed in nice and bright colors for the spring, such as yellow and fuchsia. Your place will instantly get a makeover. Throw in a few cushions, but not before getting their old covers cleaned and laundered. This is one significant impact that you are going to achieve with minimal spending.

Check the HVAC System and Fans

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So, you have not been in touch with your HVAC and fans for a long time now? This is the right time, just before spring, to see if they are working just fine. Do all the maintenance checks. You can get the fan blades cleaned with proper solutions. Some of them might need a bit of oiling as well.

There are several ways that you can prep your HVAC for spring. You have got to change the filters, which might be clogged. Apart from that, you should also clean the supply vents, check the thermostat, and also call the maintenance guy. Many of you might have covered the condensers outside. Now, it is time to give it a rejig.

Remove these covers, and check for damage. You will also come across a lot of dirt there. Get them cleaned before they harm your devices and equipment. A little maintenance goes a long way. It can also help you save money on massive repairs. Thermostats often need some recalibration. So, get it done. A professional duct cleaning service is also another good investment. Once you have done all of the above, ensure to turn on the systems and check if they are working fine.

Bring New Plants

Now that spring is around the corner, you need to let new plants in. The winter foliage may be slowly dying out. Clear the space and clean the pots. You might want to mulch them with your fertilizers to make way for the blooms.

Enhance the air quality with the introduction of fresh plants, as they offer a plethora of benefits. There are some of the best indoor plants that you can buy this season, including Syngonium, olive, and money plants. They will instantly boost the place. You can give the space a livelier feel with colorful pots and accents.

These are a few hacks to get your home ready for spring. There are even more, such as cleaning gutters, purging the pantry, sprucing up a mudroom, cleaning up the deck, etc. It is how you see your home and hearth for the better.

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