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Marriage in Your 40s: Four Benefits of Delayed Gratification

For better or for worse? Is marriage in your 40s a wise decision? Well, if you look at the trend, it certainly supports getting married later in life. For one, more and more millennials are focused on putting more eggs in the basket and expanding their careers. Though, this would run against the norm in your parent’s generation which expects marrying before 25 and having kids thereafter. These days, the number of people marrying late in their 40s and even in their 50s are rising.

It may not seem ideal. But a deeper dive will tell you there are distinct advantages which you should pounce upon when you marry late rather than early. Chances are it could mean a better shot at marital bliss. Plus, more and more women are putting their careers first on the line. For many, tying the knot later in life is the better strategy. And they may not be far from the truth. Here are four stunning reasons you can reflect upon.

You’re Emotionally More Stable

Emotional stability is central to happiness. And even more so in keeping married life a happy one. There are many reasons why marriages end in divorce. But statistics show the lack of commitment (73%), arguing too much (56%), and marrying too young (46%) as some major reasons why couples split in a national survey.

If you take a closer look at it, all these causes can be traced to emotional maturity. Think about it. The more responsible an adult is the better she is in keeping her vows. Additionally, you would be more mature in handling tense situations and arriving at concessions if you’re in your 40s.

Plus, you know far better at this point in your life what you want in your marriage. That means you can set your boundaries better. And know what to expect from your better half. ;

You Have a Bigger Wallet

Chances are, your career is all set at this time. Quite simply, you’re financially more stable than in your early years. That definitely gives you greater leeway to start married life. To note, money issues is one of the biggest threat to a couple breaking up. That also means you’ve got yourself covered to do your wedding as you please. You can have a destination wedding (after the virus dies down) without worrying too much about incurring debt.

Additionally, you can make yourself as beautiful as you want to be on your wedding day. Indeed, there’s no one stopping you from getting as young-looking as possible at your wedding. For instance, you can explore the wonders of skin lifting via an FDA-approved PDO thread lift. To boot, the procedure is quick, giving you instant skin texture that limits the lines and wrinkles in your face. And as it’s FDA-approved, its efficiency and safety are tops.

Of course, there’s no need for you to get into huge debt just to have a wedding. You should know this by now. It’s always best to put into motion a wedding that’s within your budget even when you have a bigger wallet.

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You can Decide on Your Own

Another key advantage as one 40-something planning your wedding is you’re pretty well set. Oft-times, you’ll find parents and other older relatives put pressure on how weddings of younger generations should go. Now, your folks should trust you more. They’re highly-likely to give you the reins to your wedding and less likely to put down their foot.

You’re in a Better Position to Start a Family

Many people frown on weddings in their 40s because they might find it impossible to get kids at that age. They’re not totally wrong. But science and technology have a lot to say about the matter. For one, the ways by which an older adult can get a baby is far greater now than ever before. Even better, you can still get a natural pregnancy even at that age. CDC stats have shown that women getting pregnant in their 40s are increasing over the years.

Then there’s artificial insemination. Indeed, egg alternatives are timely. You can explore egg donation wherein your uterus will still carry the baby. And your placenta will be the one to feed the baby’s veins. The success rate for this procedure is increasingly high.

Finally, you can also choose to adopt. There are many families who produced successfully adopted kids. It shouldn’t be an issue as you’re in a better position to rear a child. Not only do you help build your family with adoption, but you also ensure the future of an otherwise wayward child.

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