Little Changes to Your Bedroom that Give a Huge Difference

Are you bored with your room? Do you want a little change?  Maybe a little bedroom makeover can help with that.

A common misconception is that makeovers are big and expensive. Well, they can be, but they don’t have to be. They don’t have to be extreme either. A makeover can be as simple as rearranging furniture to make space more feng shui or adding little pieces to a nook in your room to boost it to its fullest potential.

Upgrade your sanctuary! It doesn’t have to be a large upgrade per se, but just enough to your liking (and for your wallet). Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing when it comes to interior design.

Acrylic Desk Storage

You’ve probably seen these on your favorite influencer’s dresser. Ever since then, you have wanted to get one for yourself. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to get one, here it is.

There’s something luxurious about it storing golden jewelry. But they can store makeup, hair accessories, and other items too. Even though they look posh, there are many affordable alternatives available online. Say goodbye to boring storage!


Candles serve two purposes. They can make your room smell good and make your desk aesthetically pleasing. Candles come in different colors, shapes, and designs. They offer you the minimalist look your want to achieve without hurting your wallet. You can put them on your shelf or dresser. If you plan to use them mainly for aroma purposes, be sure to place them where no item can catch their flame. Place them somewhere you can easily keep an eye on them.

Rattan Coasters

Everyone needs their fill of caffeine. With late nights of studying or preparing for a report for work, it’s almost impossible to get through without a cup of coffee or two. Rattan coasters, or any coaster really, are handy to have if your constant companion is coffee. It doesn’t have to be just coffee, though. Anything that holds liquid should go on the coaster. It helps preserve the surface of your table before it’s too late. If it’s going to be used often, why not make it match your room’s aesthetic? Your table will thank you.

Rattan Storage Baskets

rattan plant pot

You can’t deny the aesthetic value rattan has to offer, especially when they’re dual purposed: beauty and functionality. Rattan baskets are a great way to organize (or hide) your clutter. You can put them on your bare cabinet or open shelves mounted to your wall.

If you lack storage space, don’t have enough drawers on your desk, or want to keep your Old Navy products organized, they’re a great solution.


Got boring walls but posters or wall frames not your cup of tea? Maybe tapestry is the way to go.

Add life to your walls with some tapestry! It’s a good way to add some personality to your room while tying the interior together. Whether it’s a tapestry of a colorful mandala or a minimalist landscape, there is bound to be one that will suit the theme you’re aiming for.

Macrame Throw Pillow Cases

Being soft and decorative, they are great accent pieces to your plain bedding. They add dimension and a little fun too. Accent pillows help balance out the simple, white bed sheets you have. Since they’re macrame, they can be DIYed if that option is friendlier to your wallet. Besides, who doesn’t want extra pillows?

While you’re at it, maybe you could go for a blanket with a funky pattern too.


Who says the decor doesn’t include the floor?

With the recent craze of DIY tufted rugs on Tiktok, the rug-making game has never been this creative. Everybody is experimenting with different colors, designs, and even images. It’s a great statement piece to have on your otherwise plain floor.

With resources you can find online, you can DIY yourself one to match the theme you’re going for. But if you’re not big on arts and crafts, you can look up some stores online. Support small businesses!

The Bottom Line

Redecorating can be minimal, but when done right, it can become impactful. By knowing which elements go where and which pieces are functional to you, you can achieve the most out of your space. Not to mention, it’s friendly to the wallet.

Just a side note, though. A room makeover doesn’t always have to be for practical purposes only. You could be just bored and want some changes to your space. That’s a valid reason too.

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