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A Caffeinated Lifestyle: The Beauty of Coffee and Home Brewing

We can easily forget to see the beauty in everyday things in today’s hectic and competitive world. We never really pause and take a moment to be present and take a breath. It’s especially true for most of us waking up on a weekday, bursting through our front doors, and heading out to work. On the way to work, we take a short detour to the nearest coffee shop, grab a to-go, and gulp it all down before we even get to the office.

Ah, Coffee. To most people, it’s just a drink that gets them through the day by keeping them alert and awake. It’s unfortunate because coffee is so much more than just a source of caffeine. It is a lifestyle, providing you with a routine that produces multiple results and only seeks to improve you. There are so many types of coffee that possess a whole world of diverse and complex flavors. Additionally, there are also many ways to brew coffee. If that sounds interesting to you, then you might want to consider brewing coffee yourself at home.

Here are some of the cool things about coffee and home brewing that you should know.

Coffee Is An Experience

Coffee brewing is a sensory experience that could help you be more present. The motion of using a hand grinder, the sound of beans grinding, the aroma that ground coffee emits, the slow pouring of water from a kettle, and the warmth you get from a cup of coffee are all parts of the process that helps you slow down and appreciate all the little things.

Coffee is a great way to taste the flavors of the world. Each country where coffee beans are grown gives coffee distinct flavor profiles unique to its origin. Coffees from Brazil usually have chocolate and nutty notes, while Ethiopian coffees are commonly floral and fruity. Discovering all these different flavors from different places almost feels like traveling the world. Who wouldn’t want to travel the world?

Beautiful Coffee Corners

Aside from the experiences and the flavors, making a coffee corner at home is another fun part of coffee culture. A well-designed coffee corner could become a point of interest that adds to the interior of your home. Hunting down specific pieces such as handcrafted mugs from boutique gift shops can add flavor to your beverage. Shopping for color-matching coffee gear to fit your interiors makes the process all the more aesthetically pleasing. The result? A beautiful coffee corner worth waking up extra early for and brew coffee in every day.

Home Brewing Reduces Waste

You might not think it, but about 50 billion coffee cups end up in the bin every single day. Additionally, only one in 400 coffee cups gets recycled due to their complex mix of paper and plastic. Brewing coffee at home eliminates the need for a coffee cup since you’ll be drinking out of a mug instead. Homebrewers should be proud because any contribution to waste reduction, big or small, still helps the planet.

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It’s Good for You!

Believe it or not, coffee boasts an impressive number of potential health benefits. Studies show that moderate coffee consumption could lower your risk of many health conditions, from diabetes to cancer and even Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s’ disease. It also includes antioxidants, which could aid you in your weight loss journey.

Another perk of making your coffee yourself is the fact that you know what goes into it. From the weight of coffee beans per brew to the type of milk you’ll use, you have complete control of everything that goes into your cup. You could make your coffee as healthy or indulgent as you want it to be, ensuring a great cup every single time.

It Makes You More Productive

Caffeine found in coffee is responsible for increasing neurotransmitters like dopamine, which helps increase brain activity. It also increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your brain, ultimately improving your ability to think and concentrate. Together, these benefits make you more efficient and focused, leading to increased productivity.

It Saves You Money

It would be hard not to mention Starbucks when talking about coffee. It also wouldn’t be a surprise if you got your daily dose of coffee from them. Unfortunately, the average cost per cup of coffee in Starbucks goes for about $2.75. To put that in perspective, drinking two cups a day sets you back $2007.50 a year, which is 125x more expensive than brewing at home.


Through constant experimentation and practice, there will be a point in your coffee journey where you come across a recipe that produces a cup of coffee that tastes how you want it to taste. The best part of that moment is that you know how to recreate it. Imagine having the best cup of coffee every single day. If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will.

There is a whole lifestyle experience surrounding coffee, making it an attractive addition to your life. It can be a worthwhile investment in your routine, especially when you have the tools and knowledge to brew a good cup.

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