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Even with a Simple Wedding, Say ‘I Do’ with a Fabulous Hairstyle

We all know that weddings in 2020 will be subdued. With no light at the end of the tunnel, yet, for COVID-19, mass gatherings and huge parties will remain prohibited. But just because you can’t have a grand reception, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go all out with the way you look. After all, you’re one of the two most important persons of the day.

As the bride, you’ll be the focal point of the camera or video camera most of the time, no matter how simple or minimalist your wedding may be. You’ll likely be streaming the ceremony live to your friends and relatives, too, so you might as well look your best. Since your hair is your crowning glory, you’ve got to have that fabulous hairstyle you’ve always wanted.

There’s just one problem. You have these oddly bobbing schoolgirl bangs. How are you going to turn them into the “it” style?

Don’t worry, bangs are in

No less than Emma Watson has been sporting baby bangs. If it doesn’t look out of style on her, it won’t look out of style on you. Baby bangs will make you look young and cute—all fresh for your honeymoon. However, if you plan to look formal in a classic, low chignon, that baby bangs might be out of place.

A long forehead fringe or wispy fringe that’s longer on the sides will pair up better with your chignon, especially if you plan to frame your head with a tiara or floral crown. Still worried you have baby bangs? No problem. Clip-in bang extensions will achieve a longer fringe for your overall do.

Alternatively, you can part that fringe in the middle and wear wavy curtain bangs instead, like Camila Cabello’s—what they call the “cool-girl look” of the ‘70s. Your bangs won’t cover your eyes but will frame your face just above the cheeks to highlight that perfect blush.

Up or down?


It’s a perennial question hairstylists hear every wedding. Should I put up my hair or let it flow naturally to my shoulders? Stylists say they consider two main things: what goes well with the dress and what makes the bride comfortable. If your dress has a see-through back that you want to show your remote guests, an up-do will serve the purpose. If you plan to wear a strapless princess-style dress, letting your hair down will make it more magical. also found that women who prefer not to tie their hair are those who wear their hair down all the time. And those who want to pull up their hair are used to doing it, too. In other words, most brides wear the style that’s most comfortable for them. It’s really a question you can answer yourself, based on what you want, what flatters you, and how you want people to perceive you.

Wedding hairstyles for the 2020 bride

Having said all that, it’s really just a matter of preference. Here are fabulous hair ideas for your big day. Take your pick and be a blooming bride!

  1. French twist
  2. Straight with a clip
  3. Classic updo
  4. Low bun or chignon
  5. Braids and bundles, away from the face
  6. Loose waves with a tourniquet
  7. Wavy and loose ponytail
  8. Mermaid braids
  9. Half up half down
  10. Straight bob for short hair
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