4 Coping Activities that Will Help You Improve Your Mental Health

The situation with the pandemic has been tough for a lot of people. Many people have stress-related reactions because of anxiety, insomnia, reduced productivity and concentration, and a lot more. While this is normal, there are ways for people to adapt to these mental health effects. This is where resilience comes in. Resilience tells you to set aside the concerns and worries that you cannot control and live life with the things you can. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary frustrations and hang-ups later.

Start your days with a better outlook and focus on what you can control. Here are some self-care activities that you can start on to cope during the pandemic:

1. Eat Healthy Food

In times like these, people tend to forget nutrition. But we must prioritize eating healthy during this time more than ever. With all the stress, both physically and mentally, our bodies need proper nutrition to recuperate and even boost our immune system.

Now that you’re spending more time at home cook the recipes you have always wanted to try. But to maintain social distancing, plan your trips to the grocery. If buying fresh produce is not possible, look for frozen food items, fermented vegetables, or canned fruits.

2. Exercise

Your step counters probably look sad right now. The normal 12,000 step count has definitely decreased. However, it shouldn’t be the case. Staying active does not always mean going to the gym. There are indoor choices for keeping your body in shape. You can choose to set up a home gym with treadmills or stationary bikes. However, there are cheaper options, like following HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) routines on YouTube. Having a fitness routine would not only improve your body but also your state of mind.

3. Sleep more


In order to function, our bodies need enough sleep. Schedule your bedtime and commit to it. This way, your body will eventually learn that it should cool down and forget today’s worries during this time. It would help to set the room as you like it. Put your lights, coolers, and heaters at a level that makes you feel comfortable. Create a sleeping ritual that could start with grooming or a skincare routine. It could also mean setting up humidifiers with essential oils or listening to guided meditations.

4. Connect with Others

Set aside time every week to connect with your loved ones. You can schedule regular dinners and game nights with your family and friends. Some apps can help you with that like Zoom for group calls and Jackbox Games for group games. You don’t even have to pressure yourself into preparing something. Sometimes, you can merely talk about random things. Talk about life and make memories. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from having a good time with the people who matter most.

Above anything else, take the time to acknowledge that, like everybody else, you are in a difficult situation. Regularly check yourself because anytime when there are serious distractions and insecurities, people sometimes forget that what they feel is valid. Allow yourself to take some time to take a pause and enjoy the quietude.

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