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Guests Coming Over? How to Spruce Up Your Yard Without Resorting to Gardening

The curb appeal of your home speaks volumes as to how attractive it will be to guests coming over. Most of the tips you will see on the internet are about planting flowers, plants, and trees. But what if you are not exactly a plant lover? What if you do not have a green thumb and you can’t afford a gardener? What other things can you do to your yard to spruce it up a bit and make it attractive to guests, passersby, and even to yourself?

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend thousands of bucks to glam up your yard. Simply putting stepping stones in the yard will make it look gorgeous already. A nice mailbox upfront will also add a certain charm to your property, so think of putting up one or repainting the one you already have.

Personalized House Number

That small house number near your door? That’s not enough for the mailman to easily locate your house. Why not put a large personalized address stone plaque right on the edge of your property? That’s going to be something that draws attention to your house. Make sure that it has your surname, so burglars will not run with it and use the numbers for their own homes (just in case you happen to have the same set of house numbers).

Stepping Stones

Instead of the boring driveway or pathway to your house, why not use stepping stones? If you have kids, you can even paint the stones with bright colors and draw numbers or letters on each stone. These stones will transform your yard from something that gets you from point A to B into something that your kids and guests can enjoy.

Hummingbird Feeder

A feeder is a nice touch because it adds charm to any property. Plus, it attracts cute little hummingbirds, which are a sight to see in the morning. These flittering creatures will delight passersby and lift up your spirits during gloomy mornings.

String Lights

Don’t you know how string lights can transform your home? You can cast a romantic glow by hanging string lights in your yard. Yes, you don’t need a beautiful garden to transform the front of your yard, but these little glow lights will give it a romantic atmosphere. The subtle light is relaxing. It also looks spectacular up-close.

Sundial and Birdbath

You can get a sundial for cheap. Display it in your front yard to add a classic touch to your “garden.” On top of that, you can also add a large birdbath. If you cannot find one to your liking, there are a lot of do-it-yourself videos on YouTube. The birds that will get attracted to the birdbath will add color and life to your front yard.

Decorative Landscape Edging

Instead of having a straight landscaping edging to highlight the land borders that you share with your neighbor, why not decorate it a little bit? You can make an uneven edging by doing a scallop or curved design. Simply lay out the bricks or other pavement materials to define the edge of the flower beds if you have them.


A large fountain can be the focal point of your yard. Although it would look better surrounded by gardens, it can also stand on its own in the middle of a brick pavement. The soothing sound of the falling water will calm your senses on a busy day. You can even put up a small table and chair beside the fountain, so you can work beside it.

Fire Pit

firepit in the garden

If you absolutely abhor the idea of gardening, you can pave the whole yard and just add a fire pit. This can be the most charming addition to your yard. It’s a place where your guests can gather, and your kids can roast marshmallows and hotdogs. You and the whole will make memories around the fire pit.


Finally, is there anything more useful in a yard than a pergola? The shade that the pergola provides can be the perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon. You can sit and read under its shade as it provides the most useful atmosphere during the most wonderful season of spring.

See? There are many ways to glam up your yard without resorting to gardening. Obviously, gardening is not for everyone nor is it something that a lot of people have time for. By focusing on what you want and what is beautiful to your eyes, you can come up with a yard design that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

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