12 Activities to Do on Your First Trip to Africa

Africa is a huge continent with some of the most beautiful and exciting tourist attractions in the world. The wide variety of people, languages, cultures, and places to visit make it an ideal place to vacation or do business. Travelers who spend time there often have difficulty deciding which activities they would like to take part in during their stay. Here is a list of twelve fun activities that you can try when traveling through Africa.

Wildlife Watching and Photography Safari

Africa has an enormous variety of wildlife both on land and at sea. Many safari tours are available throughout Southern and Eastern Africa, where tourists can get up close with lions, elephants, zebras, and rhinoceroses. A safari wouldn’t be a true African experience without visiting a national park or nature reserve.

Go Camping

Africa also has many incredible natural protected areas that are perfect for camping and hiking. Some of these parks have been set aside specifically for the enjoyment of tourists, while others are still being developed by the local communities who use them traditionally. You can get an authentic African experience while enjoying nature at its finest in one of these great campsites.

Take a Tram Safari

Another fun activity to do in Africa is to ride on an open-air tram through these various African wildlife reserves. These trams usually stay inside large fenced-off areas where you can view animals such as giraffes and zebras as you travel through the park on your way to a specific destination point.

Hydrofoil Safari

Another fun idea is to take a boat tour in tropical waters around Africa. You can find different types of water transportation such as hydrofoils, catamarans, and more that will take you from place to place throughout these great countries. This activity is usually very adventurous, but it provides incredible views of African villages along the beach or historical monuments such as pyramids or ancient ruins.

Take a Cooking Class

Africans pride themselves on their unique and local recipes for food and spices, which have been passed down through generations. Learning how they prepare their special meals can be exciting and provides a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Astronomical Tours

Many observatories have been set up across Africa where you can view constellations, stars, and planets through large telescopes. Some of these locations even have hands-on experiences, such as watching meteors or getting to touch a piece of the Moon. It’s incredible how many beautiful attractions are available for people who get to see them from afar with a good old pair of glasses.

Local Market Shopping

Many cities have great markets where you can buy fresh food, clothing, and crafts from local vendors. You can also try some traditional African foods while enjoying a fun atmosphere.

Join a Voluntary Project

Many of these local markets are becoming more advanced with the help of private charities that send groups of volunteers to Africa to improve infrastructure and provide aid to people in need. Depending on your personal interests, you can decide whether you would like to work on construction, education, or farming projects.

Trekking Expedition


If you are an adventurous person who loves hiking, visiting some of these fantastic mountains will make for an unforgettable experience. The Kilimanjaro Mountain is surrounded by wildlife preserves where hikers can view African animals while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro itself. Other peaks, such as the Virunga Mountains, have active volcanoes suitable for experienced climbers looking for adventure.

Hiking on the Savannah

Many of these great mountains are located in savannah environments that are filled with wildlife. You can find giraffes, zebras, and elephants while you climb to the top.

Zipline Over a Waterfall

There are an incredible amount of waterfalls that have been formed by many of Africa’s amazing rivers. Some companies offer ziplining tours where visitors can cross large valleys via cables, bridges, and ziplines. Be careful not to fall, though.

Visit an Ancestral Village

Many of these villages have remained preserved even today, but others are now popular tourist attractions where you can take guided tours around houses and tents that reflect the designs used in ancient times. You can also learn about local culture by talking with residents, participating in special events and ceremonies, taking pictures, and more. These great family vacations make for unique experiences that will forever leave your soul ignited with joy.

There are many fun activities to do in Africa that can provide people from all walks of life with a fantastic experience. The best part is that no matter what type of activities interest you, they can be found across the entire continent. So all you have to do is pack your bags and head out on a journey through mother nature’s playground.


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