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What To Do After The Wedding: A Short Checklist

A wedding is a major life event that involves many things. It might surprise you at how much work goes into it. But many couples assume that when they go off into their honeymoon, the responsibilities are over. There are several things you need to do to clean up after the wedding. These range from actual cleaning up to legal and social responsibilities.

Here is a list of things you need to do:

Pack Up All Your Clothes

One of the highlights of a beautiful wedding is getting dressed up. Whether it is a fancy suit or a gorgeous gown, you will have to ensure that your outfit stays in good shape after the wedding. For men, their suits are often an easier matter since they can be used in a variety of events. For women, their wedding gowns are a more difficult situation. They will likely need to be put into storage for the future.

What one does need to do is clean them up. Once you have them off, you need to send the clothes off to your trusted dry cleaners. They will ensure that the clothes will be in great shape, removing all of the stains.

Coordinate With Your Venue

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If you rent your venue, then you need to work with the owner or manager when you are doing the cleanup. Before the wedding, you must consult with them about what you can do with the wedding decorations. You don’t want to plan to set something up that won’t be allowed.

After the wedding, you need to be sure that you will be able to clean things up properly. You likely need to hire professionals to do the job since people might be out of energy at the end of your wedding. If you need to store any decorations, have storage that is properly labeled.

Send Out Thank You Notes and Souvenirs

A wedding is a social event and you might want to give something to your guests to show appreciation for their attendance. Once everything is done, the easiest thing to do is send out thank you cards. This should be done as soon as possible. The best time is within 90 days after the wedding.

As for the souvenirs, some close relatives will appreciate getting custom photo albums. Your wedding photographer most likely took hundreds of photos and you can personalize them so that relatives can see themselves at the wedding.

Deal With the Legalities

There could also be several issues when it comes to legalese. When the wedding is done, you need to pick up your marriage license. People often think that you have a license before you do the wedding. But in reality, the paperwork must be filled up by your officiant. This will take days to weeks, so it is a good idea to follow up on it. You might also need to change your name and address. Take the steps to ensure that all the paperwork is done before you continue your married life.

Your wedding is more than just your big day. Once it is done, you need to do some proper post-event clean up. If you want your married life to start right, ensure that your wedding responsibilities are finished.

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