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The Undesirables: Top Things People Want to be Removed From Their Bodies

They say there’s no end to an individual’s quest for perfection. From the desire to have a perfect figure to looking for love, overcoming addiction, or simply living a long life — nearly every day, something pushes people’s buttons. The quest for perfection may not always be noble, but it will be relentless. Here are the top things people are unhappy about their bodies and often choose to have them removed or modified:

Belly fat

It’s not just about being overweight, and it’s also about where the fat collects. Most people who argue that they’re overweight and not out-of-shape point to their belly as reason number one. Abdominal fat or “belly fat” is the worst type of accumulation for many reasons — it’s not only aesthetically unpleasant, but health risks like heart disease increase as abdominal fat increases.

Liposuction has become an increasingly popular alternative to remove unwanted belly fat for those who would rather avoid surgery.


A birthmark is a pigmented spot on the skin present at birth or within the first few weeks of life (although it may appear later). It’s a benign skin growth that results from an accumulation of the pigment melanin in cells called melanocytes.

While normally not harmful to a person’s health, birthmarks may be cosmetically unacceptable for many people. They often cause psychological distress compared to those without any noticeable marks on their body.

Cosmetic surgery options are available to remove or reduce the appearance of birthmarks. Each patient’s unique physiology allows for multiple treatment options, from lasers to injections to surgical excision.

Acne scarring

Anyone who has ever had a bad acne breakout knows how difficult it is to remove that mark after the pimple or blackhead has been removed. Acne can be so bad the point that it leaves permanent marks.

Permanent acne scarring can happen when there’s lots of inflammation during an acne breakout, resulting in the overproduction of collagen — the substance beneath our skin which gives it structure and strength. The collagen built-up creates indents in the skin, resulting in scars on top of raised bumps.

These scars are difficult — if not impossible — to treat, but there are options. Some people prefer to undergo injectable treatments like perlane or Restylane, which helps erase acne scarring by filling in the indented areas on your skin.

Dental Problems

People with diastema, uneven bites, crooked teeth, or poor tooth alignment often resort to orthodontic treatments. The only way to fix these problems is through braces, and there are many kinds of braces available on the market.

Sometimes, dental surgery is required to realign teeth into a more aesthetically-pleasing arrangement for more severe cases. This can be done with traditional methods at dental clinics like Metrodental or by using orthognathic surgery, an advanced method of moving teeth using implants.

Breast Augmentation/Lift

Many people are unhappy with their breast size or shape, and they may also wish to have their breasts lifted for a more youthful appearance. Some women choose to undergo surgeries like breast augmentation and lift at the same time.

This surgery can be done in-office with local anesthesia, but many women prefer to have surgeries performed when asleep, especially when the surgical area is more sensitive.

Stretch marks

As a result of pregnancy, puberty, extreme weight loss (or gain), stretch marks are often an eyesore for many people. They may appear as reddish or purplish streaks on the skin and can be more noticeable on certain body parts like breasts, hips, buttocks, abdomen, and thighs.

Although it’s not proven by medical science, many people swear that a combination of cocoa buttercream and vitamin E oil helps treat and prevent stretch marks.

Although not necessarily “undesirable,” many people also resort to laser treatments like the Nd: YAG or Pulsed Dye laser can reduce scarring and pigmented spots on the skin, such as those found in birthmarks, acne scars, and stretch marks. The procedure can be a bit painful, but the results can last for months.

Ear shaping/piercing

People with excessively large ears or smaller mouths may choose to reshape their ears or get piercings done to make them appear more normal. For instance, children whose ears grow into odd shapes (like pointed ones) often opt for otoplasty.

This type of surgery is done under general anesthesia and can correct ear deformities like lop ears (where the upper part of the ears droops down). This includes otopexy (lifting) and otoplasty (pinning back) procedures where the skin is used to reshape the ears for a better profile.

While having some of these unsightly features corrected can help you look better, it’s important to consult with your doctor or a specialist before choosing treatment options. This is because surgery is not without risks and complications such as bleeding, scarring, infection, poor healing, and poor cosmetic results that may require touch-ups like tattoos.

It is undeniable that appearance matters to people. Still, it’s important to note that a person’s biases towards a particular physical feature are also based on their perception and judgment. One man’s treasure may be another man’s trash, as the saying goes.

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